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Drill Guides

Drill perfect straight holes in awkward locations without the hassle of a cumbersome drill press! Can be used on corners, round and flat parts.

New Tools

New! MINI V-DrillGuide® by Big Gator Tools covers all standard tap drill sizes for tap sizes #10-32 down to #0-80! 

Standard size. It's like a portable drill press!

  • Big Gator Tools has designed and manufactured all V-DrillGuides and V-TapGuides.
  • All drill and tap guides are made from alloyed steel that is heat treated for durability.
  • The guides feature a precision ground base to assure stability and accurate perpendicular alignment of drill bits on flat surfaces.
  • 90 degree "V-groove" design allows perpendicular alignment on round and cornered material.
  • Can be used on flat surfaces, round parts and corners.
  • Lifetime Warranty on every guide.
  • 100% American made quality.
  • We offer FREE shipping. No minimum. (USA locations only*)
  • Portable, pocket-sized.
  • Natural steel finish.
  • 8 guide options.
  • We ship orders in 24-48 hrs.

*Free shipping available only on standard shipping to street addresses in the contiguous United States.


Big Gator Tools carries new tools from respected manufacturers. We take pride in delivering quality products to our customers. Check back frequently for new items! 

Tap Guides

Tap guide automatically aligns tap with work surface for precision alignment to drilled hole. Guide reduces tap breakage due to improper alignment to drilled hole.

New Metalworker

Tom Hintz, owner/publisher of made this video as part of an independent review of the Big Gator drill and tap guides. Please note that the tap guides do not need to be clamped in place like in the video to hand tap.

Big Gator Tools

We show you about The Original Gurtech Grease Gun! No hands, no mess and no wasted grease! This lock-on, lock-off grease coupler is a game changer!   



MINI V-DrillGuide

Gurtech Grease