Drill Guides

Drill perfect straight holes in awkward locations without the hassle of a cumbersome drill press! Can be used on corners, round and flat parts.

STI Guides

Designed for Heli-coil® type taps used with Heli-coil® inserts. STI (Screw Thread Insert) V-TapGuide® is offered in coarse and fine standard sizes. Natural steel finish. 


New! The Original Gurtech Grease Coupler - has now joined Big Gator Tools. This grease gun coupler locks onto the Zerk and allows you to have both hands to operate your grease gun! Leak free & high pressure seal.


New Tools!

New! MINI V-DrillGuide® by Big Gator Tools covers all standard tap drill sizes for tap sizes #10-32 down to #0-80! Standard size. It's like a portable drill press!

Tap Guides

Tap guide automatically aligns tap with work surface for precision alignment to drilled hole. Guide reduces tap breakage due to improper alignment to drilled hole.