New Tools!

New! MINI V-DrillGuide® by Big Gator Tools covers all standard tap drill sizes for tap sizes #10-32 down to #0-80! Standard size. It's like a portable drill press!

Drill Guides

Drill perfect straight holes in awkward locations without the hassle of a cumbersome drill press! Can be used on corners, round and flat parts.

STI Guides

Designed for Heli-coil® type taps used with Heli-coil® inserts. STI (Screw Thread Insert) V-TapGuide® is offered in coarse and fine standard sizes. Natural steel finish. 

Tap Guides

Tap guide automatically aligns tap with work surface for precision alignment to drilled hole. Guide reduces tap breakage due to improper alignment to drilled hole.


New! The Original Gurtech Grease Coupler - has now joined Big Gator Tools. This grease gun coupler locks onto the Zerk and allows you to have both hands to operate your grease gun! Leak free & high pressure seal.